The 8th Sign

The 8th Sign

It’s not often that I opt for nudes. Let’s be honest they are not the easiest hues to carry off. Yet there is something undeniably feminine and sensual about these dresses by The 8th Sign that made me abandon my prior antipathy.

The 8th Sign came onto my radar a couple of months back and I have watched with increasing interest their ascent.  Conceived by Melissa Barton and Yasmin Todd, two fashion industry veterans who decided to branch out alone and create a collection that would appeal to strong, empowered women who love to travel and have a sense of independence.

Their statement dresses have a strong sculptural aesthetic that moulds seductively to the female form.  Body con can all too easily veer into the vulgar, but in their capable hands it retains an understated elegance and allure.  There is no doubt you need body confidence to carry these pieces off, but I think their target customer probably has this in bucket loads.

I opted for the nude pieces as they held a more demure attraction, something I crave after weeks clad in blacks, greys and whites. The trick to a nude is to make sure you add a little extra bronzer to rid yourself of any sallowness. Despite being a mid toned olive skin, I think nudes work equally well on blondes, they remind me of those rich Upper East side women I sometimes spy in Manhattan.

The 8th Sign  available to buy at Asos

Jewelry – available to buy The Collective Boutique

Photography – Alexandra Photography