Choosing Workout Clothes

Choosing Workout Clothes

5 Pitfalls When Selecting Workout Clothes

Opting for Safe Colours

It’s easy to opt for safe colours; black,navy,and grey, when choosing your gym kit to remain inconspicuous and in the belief they are more flattering. Yet sportswear is potentially the one time when a flash of zesty neon or interesting print truly works. The very nature of most technical fabric lends itself to eye – popping detail and if thoughtfully designed can actually be more figure enhancing than dark block colours.


Lucas Hugh‘s Nordica Leggings, illustrate how an interesting print with strategically placed panelling down the leg and on the inner thigh can be every bit or even more flattering than the norm.  

See Through Leggings

Another pitfall that many succumb to, but aren’t necessarily aware, is the embarrassing see through legging.  Sometimes in jubilation at being able to fit into a smaller size you might overlook that the material has overstretched and is leaving little to the imagination.


Be honest, if you are a size 12 in normal trousers you will probably be the same size in a pair of leggings.  Leggings that look great in a dimly lit changing room also need to perform under the unforgiving lights of the gym or broad daylight. Further be aware that contorting your body into a squat, or other such compromising positions requires your leggings to stretch even further, be warned!

Wearing Capri Pants (unless you are a supermodel)

Sorry but this ubiquitous item of sportswear is universally unflattering unless you possess supermodel proportions. Cropped mid calf or below the knee tights are certain to shorten the leg and makes them look instantly dumpy. Especially when teamed with a chunky trainer.


Instead opt for full length leggings that fit tight to the ankle.  The gold standard in leggings are from luxe brand Hey Jo (I’ve written a whole article singing their praises). Expensive but worth the money. 

Not Investing In a Proper Sports Bra

A piece of advice we hear all the time yet one that is woefully overlooked by many. Runners you need absolute maximum support, your breasts need to actually be flattened and compressed to completely eradicate any jiggle.  Once the ligaments have been stretched from improper support the damage is irreversible.


Runners the best bra out there is Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra.  Not particularly glamorous but it does the job.  For less aerobic activity there are a myriad of stylish options.  My personal favourite is Bodyism Olivia Sports Bra, it just looks amazing on and gives the bust an amazing shape.  A close runner up would be Nike’s Pro Rival Sports Bra 

Oversized Clothing

At the opposite of the spectrum, to the person who selects the too tight legging, is the gym goer who thinks it most becoming to wear clothes that are comically oversized.  Drowning themselves in super loose fitting t shirts and baggy sweat pants.  Obviously one wants to feel comfortable yet comfort and style can coexist happily together.  Furthermore it is important to see the body when training to understand if we are engaging the right muscles and standing or sitting with correct posture.


Unless you are one of the lucky few who possess supermodel proportions, fitted, not necessarily tight, styles will ALWAYS work better on even the most curvaceous figure.  The trick is to find tops that don’t ride up – cue Sweaty Betty Niyama Yoga Vest with it’s long line cut, and fabrics that are slightly thicker and sculpt the body rather than show off every imperfection.  

Lucas Hugh – Lucas Hugh Nordica Leggings

Hey Jo – Cassini Leggings

Shock Absorber – Available at Ultimate Run Mesh

Nike – Pro Rival Sports Bra

Bodyism – Olivia Sports Bra

Sweaty Betty – Niyama Yoga Vest

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